Mini-MEGAPOST 08/17/2008

Hope u like the new template, and banner. There are going to be some changes made. First I want you to post in the chat section of the site what changes you want made. If it's a different template, a new banner. More you-tube videos or more music, let me know. This site can't stay alive unless you comment, comment our shout in the shoutmix. I only post what U want if U tell me. So tell me!!


Girlicious is out and I love this album. The only song I may not like is the bonus track Mirror. I have it for a DL, trust me it's completley worth it.


Another Cinderella Story...  

This album is a definite hit. I love every song on the album sampler. I can't wait until this movie comes out!


The Pussycat Dolls Out Of This Club ft R.Kelly

I hate this song. I hope this song is not on Doll Domination, it's so stupid. And it's only nicole. She sounds great, but I hate hate hate it!! Listen Here.


All these covers are mine, I take no credit for these links. I you want these covers HQ email me at


We have an HQ 1:30 second clip of every song on Girlicious. I guess that song with Nicole was false. I haven't heard it yet, but I made two covers. Both are mine. This album sampler is the best you can ask for(without getting the whole album!) Big changes coming soon including a what would u like to see on the site box, and a new layout, and so much more. Remember August is Girlicious month!



You have to credit me for this mix of the song baby doll. I love the song, it's a catchy tempo girlicious beat! This snip is like 1:15 but i made 2:30, please dl and comment so i can post stuff.Remember, its my link.!



Baby Doll Gabecode

Huge Update soon 08/03/2008

Sorry for the looooooooong hiatus. I have been on vacation, and everything seems to be happening. Girlicious's album is coming out so I will make them artists of the month. Expect huge changes!! Keeps requests coming they'll be posted in 1-2 days!


This is not girlicious, but I love this song. Whoever made this song should  not let girlicious take credit for it. Not that I don't like girlicious but this girl is good and it sound nothing like Girlicious. Anyways I have the official Girlicious album cover.(Remake by me)


It's about time we recieved this instrumentsl from Nicole. This is only a hint that this album will be released soon. I want to sing this song so bad. I wish I had this for the studio 4 days ago!

Link(Credit to VipMedia)

My Cover(U Like? :p)


We finally have a remix for When I Grow Up, featuring the talented artist EVE.Credit To VIP Media For This track.



U read the title,and thank to MediaSourceMix we now have the retail.Link Below

Breakout Link


WE finally have a new 15 sec clip of her song "Save Me Fom Myself". I've said before Nicole Can Make me Love A Slow Song."Physical" Has the greatest improvemnt of all. The new hook she added is really catchy. "Just Say Yes" has never failed to tear me up. Such a pretty song, but not much is new. My favorite clip is Who's Gonna Luv U" I love this song, and you can tell she remade it. One cool thing I just noticed, is that people spend so much time trying to make full versions of only clips of her songs. And her biggest fear is that people won't buy her material. I for one would.And U should too. Think about it, if we buy it, she'll get the hint people want to buy hjer stuff. So please buy her material, I might not post any new songs from nicole anymore. (Even though I hate blogs that go , I'm not posting this album beacuse.... blahhhblahhblahhhh!) But this is serious. We may not get anything from her beause of Doll Domination.


Look Out for girlicious's album , and The new pussycat dolls album DOLL DOMINATION!!!!!!


DL LINK HERE(credit to pcdmvm)